(W) Just Say No to Graceful Aging

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Date: Sunday, February 11
Time: 1 pm
Location: Sanctuary
Teacher: Rev. Dr. Georgia Prescott

Redefine your approach to aging with Dr. Georgia Prescott's empowering workshop using Science of Mind principles to create a new paradigm for folks aged 50 and over.

Learn to embrace each year with vigor and reject the stereotypes that place limits on living full lives.

We live in an exciting time. Most people turning 50 today can expect to live another 30+ years! That's more time than they spend in childhood, adolescence, and, for many, it's more time than they spent working. The question is, are those 30 years to be spent living full lives of continued learning, sharing your gifts, reviving old dreams, and developing new ones? Or is it a time to be spent living within the stereotypes of what society says aging should be?

Let's explore how society's messages may be unnecessarily limiting our future. Let's learn how to transcend what we were taught about aging and embrace the later years of life with love, excitement, and joy. 

Rev. Dr. Georgia Prescott recently retired as founding/senior minister from the Center for Spiritual Awareness in Sacramento. She was a founding member of the CSL Diversity Commission and was inducted into the Martin Luther King Board of Preachers at Morehouse College in Atlanta. She wrote the book Victim to Victory: a Spiritual not Religious Look at the 12 Steps. Prior to Ministry, Dr. Prescott served for 20 years as executive director of the Council on Aging in Sonoma County and started her spiritual journey at this very center.


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