(S) Lifting Each Other Up: Spiritual Community as Spiritual Practice

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How important is a spiritual community to living a spiritual life? In Buddhism, spiritual community (“Sangha”) is considered to be of equal importance as the teaching and practices (“Dharma”). But what about us Science of Mind students? Many of us are individualistic, perhaps sometimes viewing other people as a distraction to the spiritual life.

So, does interrelating with people of a similar spiritual focus assist us on our path? How is “being in community” a spiritual practice? This class considers these and other questions concerning our spiritual interdependence.

Teacher: Rev. Joyce Duffala

Cost: Sliding Scale ($25-$100)

Spiritual Enrichment Course • 4 weeks

Saturdays from 1 to 3:15 pm

Feb. 24, March 2, March 9, March 16

In person at the Center



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