(S) Spiritual Cartography

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We all have our blind spots, those parts of our mind that try to protect us and keep us safe, but sometimes do so in ways that cause issues in our lives. If only we could create a map of how our minds work!

In this class we will learn about our blind spots and how to build a new, more loving relationship with them, with the goal of fostering harmony and inclusion for our whole mind. By learning about and integrating those aspects of us that seem most “troublesome,” we will truly embrace what it means to turn the spiritual principle of wholeness from an idea into a regular practice. 

Join us to learn how to not just see the world with new eyes, but to live in it with a whole new way of being.

Teacher: Rev. Russ Legear

Cost: Sliding Scale ($25-$100)

Five-week Spiritual Enrichment Course begins Monday, Feb. 26 from 6 to 8 pm

In person at the Center



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